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Change to Grow

Can you Spare a Little Change? – by Dana Sparks


Change is inevitable and has great impact… so how are you going to let it affect your business?  Change in and of itself is neither good nor bad and how you choose to react to that change will directly influence your real estate business.

Change is not always embraced and is often met with fear and negativity largely due to the overwhelming sense of the unknown and unprepared.  However there are many positive consequences of which you should take advantage.  In the real estate industry, our cyclical market is always changing, interest rates rise & fall, your knowledge and confidence changes with your continuing education and experience, and in every brokerage, staff and systems change and evolve. There are four areas in which you can realize the ast benefits of changes in the real estate industry.


With the ever-changing real estate market, you have the opportunity to learn a new skill and find new people to help.  Have you taken steps to learn the short-sale market?  Learn how to be an REO agent for the bank foreclosures? Learn how to market yourself online and effectively use social media?  There is a wealth (pun intended) of opportunity for you in our current market when you decide to take advantage of what is presented to you.  See Maximum One’s online training calendar throughout the year for classes to assist you with your education for innovation to re-invent your real estate agent self!)

Staying Current

Change forces you to stay on top of your industry, your skills and your systems in order to keep up.  If you do not have an online presence in your real estate business, you are missing out on a lot of business.  If you are not engaging in social media to generate business, you are not being current with how many agents are getting new Buyers & Sellers.  Changes in technology, advertising and relationships force you to stay current in order to become or remain successful in your industry!


Changing markets, changing skills, changing needs and our changing industry paves the way for new business opportunity for you!  When you got your real estate license, did you ever imagine that you would be representing banks as part of your business?  Yet look at all the REO agents in our industry who solely work that 9am – 5pm non-weekend business because their bank clients don’t work those hours either?  Today’s real estate market is replete with opportunity to assist different types of customers and master different types of technology and skills!  There are Sellers in distress, banks needing agents for representation and BPO’s, Buyers looking for homes and investments, developers looking for land and foreclosed partially-built subdivisions, non-distressed Sellers who are being overlooked, and the list goes on and on!  Additionally, the public is looking for properties and agents in new and non-traditional places.  Perhaps you have always enjoyed writing and never knew how to use it in your business… now you can make money from blogging!


The changes we experience in real estate force us to fall behind or enhance our efficiency!  Do you keep track of your appointments on a paper calendar or are you synched up with your smart phone, laptop and tablet so that you can access your schedule, contacts, etc. whenever and wherever you are!  Aren’t you more efficient when showing property by using your GPS rather than spending hours the night before consulting a map and drawing out your route?  Remember the old books that we had to use to find houses that were listed for sale?  As technology and our industry changed, we went from looking through books and attending caravans to being able to find properties online the moment they are listed and being able to see the insides of the property from the comfort of sitting in front of our own computer!

So, the next time something new comes your way (Paperless Pipeline, WolfConnect Extranet, increased interest rates, new contracts, etc.) embrace that change for the growth and experience and opportunity that awaits!  There are more prospects for your real estate services than you can possibly do business with so go find them!  If you keep doing what you have always done, you will continue to get what you have always received so if you want something new, be willing to change where you look, what you do and how you do it!

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