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List-Making Time

List Making for Success

List-Making Time – by Dana Sparks


Now is the time of year when we make many many lists!  Lists of all kinds organize our lives right now.  Santa has a list of who is naughty & who is nice.  We make Hanukkah & Christmas gift lists for our loved ones!  We make grocery lists for Christmas dinner. We make lists of what gifts we want to receive. “And the list goes on and on!”  LOL LOL

Now is also the time of year to make your many lists for your real estate business to prepare to grow next year!  Using lists are a way to keep you focused on what is important in your business and personal life.  Lists can guide your behavior to get the success you want!

Consider making and analyzing the following lists for yourself so that you may have a prosperous year:

  • What really makes you happy in life?
  • What are you most confident about in yourself?  Your Business?
  • What can you do to accomplish your goals in each area of business?  Life?
  • Where did your Buyers come from in 2012?
  • Where did your Sellers come from in 2012?
  • What percentage of your business in 2012 came from Buyers/Sellers/Rentals?
  • What part of your business is making you money (i.e. your website? postcard campaign? sphere of influence?)
  • Where are you spending money on your business that is not producing any return on investment?
  • How much time/money did you invest in your education?
  • How many hours did you work?  Did you spend with your family & friends?
  • What are your challenges & solutions for generating business?
  • What are your challenges & solutions for after-the-sale servicing?
  • How many prospects before you get a lead?
  • How many leads before you get an appointment?
  • How many appointments before you get a client?
  • How many clients before you get a commission check?
  • Etc.

Please see the Business Planning Workshop for more lists to make designed to prosper your business in 2013.


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