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Mood Emergency        In Case of (Mood) Emergency, Break Glass! – by Dana Sparks

Ever just have “one of those days” in your real estate business? For whatever reason or for many reasons, you are just in a rotten mood and cannot seem to shake it. When you are in this inner state of mind, your productivity suffers and your business is in jeopardy if you cannot find a way to quickly break your mood and get back to work!

In order to be of service to yourself as well as your real estate clients, here are several ideas of what can be “behind the glass” to access in order to break your mood emergency:

  • Read motivational quotations that inspire you
  • Listen to a “mix” of songs that make you dance, smile or remember “good” times
  • Listen to music that soothes, moves or invigorates you
  • Maintain an album (or folder on your computer) of personal photos that effect you in a positive way
  • Re-read testimonial letters that your clients have sent you thanking you for helping them move forward with their real estate needs either buying or selling a house
  • Watch a comedy on television or at the movie theater
  • STOP watching the news
  • “Photosynthesize” yourself – go outside and get some sunshine and fresh air
  • Keep a folder on your computer and copy any motivational emails or photos or sayings that you get and review those
  • Hydrate… drink water. Many times when you are dehydrated, the lack of fluid negatively effects your mood
  • Go to and type the word “breathtaking”or “happy” or something similar in the search. Then click on “slide-show” and watch what unfolds before your eyes
  • Go to and search for videos on “laughter”
  • Type in “eyebrow dance”on YouTube and giggle
  • Reach out to someone you love
  • Lose yourself in a great book that comforts or invigorates you
  • Call your real estate coach, friends, family
  • Relish in previous accomplishments of which you are proud
  • Watch sports or martial arts or NASCAR… anything that represents an image of triumph to you and evokes those feelings of performance leading to fulfillment
  • Relax in a soothing bath – the negative ions of the water will alleviate your mood
  • Dance or sing
  • Write in a journal or diary or blog
  • Repeat stimulating affirmations and delight in the emotions those words evoke
  • Start knitting
  • Take some time and enjoy your hobby
  • Do something to get yourself into action… anything even if it is washing the car or doing a load of laundry
  • Volunteer your time at a place in your community that will so appreciate you (a nursing home, a library, a civic organization, at a charitable event, a church or synagogue, a shelter, a pet-rescue facility, etc.)
  • Get some exercise… even a walk around the block will do wonders
  • Write down a list of thing you are grateful for in your life right this moment and truly revel in that gratitude
  • Pet a dog or a cat or watch animals or children playing
  • Eat a little chocolate… it may go a long way as well! (wink wink)

All of these ideas are designed to give you better thoughts, create more positive feelings, to get you into some productive action in order to create the results you desire. This mindset cycle is one of the mental keys to succeeding at your “inner game of real estate.” Regardless of what you do and how you do it, you must break that cycle of negativity that prevents you from being the professional real estate agent your clients need you to be.

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