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Power of Questions           The Power of Asking Questions

What does the brain love that has the power to engage us, shift our mindsets, drive knowledge and growth, and fuel creativity and critical thinking?  Could the answer be questions?  Are you asking enough questions when you prospect and present? Or are you simply talking “at” people? Remember that the more questions you ask, the more you actually pull people into the conversation, doesn’t that make sense? So doesn’t it also make sense that the more you make statements, the more you push them away from you? And doesn’t the person that asks questions always control the conversation?

So, ask yourself this question: Do I want to pull people into my way of thinking, or do I want to push them away from me?

How can you ask more questions?

  • Can you turn statements you normally make into questions you can ask?
  • You can use tie-downs at the end of a statement that you make, can’t you?
  • Wouldn’t you be more effective if you really practiced all your communication techniques every day?
  • What would happen if you engaged prospects every day by using conversational selling & motivational selling?

Would you like to achieve your income goal for 2012 and 2013? Then should you be asking more questions?

By the way… did you notice that there are no statements in this message? Isn’t everything I wrote in the form of a question? Is it effective? What will happen when you start to ask more effective questions?

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