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ActiveRain: A Resource for All Real Estate Agents

ActiveRain: A Resource for All Real Estate Agents

If you have been on ActiveRain for any length of time, you already know what a resource this site is for your real estate business.  What is ActiveRain?  It is an online community of real estate blogs designed to connect you to other agents, lenders, closing attorneys, inspectors, etc. throughout the country.  It is a great way to discover what real estate is like for agents in other parts of the country as well as a fabulous resource for ideas and strategies on how to handle certain issues with transactions or areas of your business.  There are specialized groups and channels as well to find information on any aspect of your real estate business that needs your attention:  Shorts Sales, Relocation, New Construction, Blogging, increasing SEO to your website, Marketing ideas, Lead generation, REO’s, Social Marketing Assistance, Seller Servicing, Buyer Servicing, etc!  Anythiing and everything you ever wanted to know or had a question about has been written in a blog by someone on ActiveRain.

Just to get an idea of the myriad blogposts, some of the titles include:

  • Foreclosing During Negotiations… Shocking
  • How to Use the Housing Turnover Rate to Beat Your Competition
  • What is a Mortgage Assumption
  • You Have Turned in Your Short Sale Documents, Now What
  • Which Sign is Best for My Branding?
  • 3 Big Reasons to Give Away Real Estate Information
  • We Attract a Mirror Image of Who We Are
  • Where on Social Media Should We Be Posting Our Content
  • Top Social Media Tools
  • Why Use Video for Your Blog?
  • Move Over… Fully Useable Real Estate Search Now on Facebook
  • The iPhone Selling System for Realtors
  • 3 Things to Stop Doing EveryDay
  • Wrap Around Mortgages
  • Lease-Option Investing
  • Luxury Real Estate Marketing Tip: Why Google Keeps Changing its Algorithms
  • Buyers & Sellers: Are Both the Best

Check it out for free, sign up for a free account or you can also pay for a “Rainmaker” account.  This real estate network is also a great referral source for sending or receiving referrals around the country (& world!)  It’s more than simply exposure on the internet, it’s about finding out what works to get more business and more transactions closed, what doesn’t work, sharing in triumphs & frustrations, sharing ideas, growing your business, creating new friendships, and learning from each other!  Check it out & let me know what you think!  Go to: .

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