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Focus on the Compass… NOT the Clock!
Focus on the Compass Not the Clock at Maximum One Realty

Focus on the Compass… NOT the Clock!


Have you reached your dreams and goals yet?  If your answer is “yes,” then what are your NEW aspirations?  If your answer is “no,” then are you still pushing forward or have you given up or changed direction?  Watching the 2012 Summer Olympics is truly motivational!  The stories, the dedication, the effort, the focus inspires us to continue on towards whatever it is we want to achieve!

Isn’t it amazing how many Olympic and World records are broken every Olympic Games?  Do you think that the human spirit and human body will ever reach a finite point where no more records would be broken…. or do you revel in the awe of the ever-increasing levels of accomplishment?  On May 6, 1954, Roger Bannister was the first human to break the 4 minute mile; a mere 46 days later, Bannister’s record was broken; 47 days later, the newest record was yet again broken!  Once the mind could “conceive and believe” this concept, then it was achieved… over and over again.  Today, the current world record for men for runnng the mile stands at 3:43.13.

Just one of the many illustrative stories is that of Allyson Felix who missed gold in the 200 meter race by 13 hundredths of a second in 2004; by 18 hundredths of a second in 2008; by 0 hundredths of a second in 2012!  To be so close to your goal yet not be declared the winner could be extremely disheartening.  Like Allyson, are you willing to do what it takes?

Many of the athletes winning medals in these Olympic Games have had that achievement as their sole focus for years!  Many had left home to go train with a specific coach or in a specific loacation to give themselves the absolute best chance of winning.  The stories continue of the athletes who remained dedicated towards their achievements for 2, 3,4+ Olympics… which are only held every four years.  What could you achieve in your career if you maintained this type of dedication over a sustained period of time and didn’t give up or give in to the frustration and disappointment if you didn’t hit your goals within the time frame you initially set for yourself.

Your goal is to have 25 transactions this year… what if you close only 22 deals?  Are you going to give up on that goal of closing 25 for next year?  Your business plan calls for you to talk to 5 new people a day about real estate and last week you averaged only 3… do you throw your hands up or do you re-dedicate yourself to your business and reach out to 5 new people a day next week?  You have focused all your business efforts to earn $125,000 this year;  you earn $67,500 or even $41,200… is that it???  Do you give up on real estate and go find another job?

Train to achieve your goals, dreams, passions!  Learn your market!  Go see more property!  Venture into dealing with investors!  Get into property management! Host a foreclosure bus tour! Prospect expired listings! Find a mentor!  Hire a coach! Invest in a lead-generating website! Go talk to your past clients! Market on Craigslist! Ask a top listing agent to take their sign calls! Sign-up for Agent on Duty or to receive leads from MX1 Leads Management! Do foreclosure open houses!  What are you doing to train in your business?  If you do not train like an Olympic athlete does for their sport, do you really expect to get Olympic-type results?  Even Olympic athletes don’t necessarily achieve their goals within the time frame that they want. Stay in the DIRECTION of your dreams… focus on the COMPASS!

Keep your sights what you want out of your career and continue to perform your way towards those end results.  It is said that we overestimate what we can do in one year and greatly underestimate what we can do in five years.

Stay intentional in your heart and mind and planning regardless if you do not hit your target within the time frame you initially specified… Focus on the compass, NOT the clock!

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