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The Pursuit of Excellence: Real Estate Lessons from the Olympics
Olympics 2012

The Pursuit of Excellence: Real Estate Lessons from the Olympics

Competing in the Olympics is arguably the ultimate goal and mark of achievement for an amateur athlete.  The world watches these athletes compete among one another and each against his or her own inner goals.  We cheer their successes, revel in their triumphs and commiserate with their defeats and near wins.  Hundredths of a second mark the difference between Olympic gold & history books vs. forgotten competitors!

These competitors train, compete, dream and work for many many years for their one moment in time to pursue the pinnacle of success in their athletic career – to stand on the podium with an Olympic medal around their neck.  This hallmark of excellence is built upon many hours and years of training, practicing, competing, planning, refining, winning, losing, refining again, competing again, and repeating over and over and over!  The Olympic Games bring people, athletes, supporters, dignitaries and observers from all over the world together for a common goal, a common purpose, a common experience – to witness “the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat!”  Ordinary people achieving extraordinary results due to talent, skill, training, support, accountability, time spent on task, support and a little luck!

As a real estate agent, you are very similar to an athlete competing in the Olympics every time you get a new Buyer or Seller!  Every new client represents the opportunity to compete against others and yourself to achieve the hallmark of success within that task – to help your client buy or sell their home.

Some things to consider when approaching your day-to-day real estate practice…. do you train and treat yourself like the Olympian that you are?  Consider the following:

  • Practice – how often do you go over your scripts/dialogues?  Do you know your contracts inside & out?  Do you know exactly what you are going to say to the 5 main objections you get in your business?
  • Train – when was the last time you previewed property, studied the market statistics, went to a continuing education class for the topic rather than the hours?
  • Compete – cleverly negotiate on behalf of your clients, go head-to-head vs. another agent for a listing!
  • Plan – how often do you go over your business plan?  re-evaluate?  Study your 6 month, 1 year & 5 year goals?
  • Challenge – do you approach bumps in the road as challenges to overcome as you move forward towards your goals or let the stress overwhelm you?
  • Support – do your family and friends support you in your career and goals and daily activities or sabotage your efforts?
  • Nutrition & Exercise – do you nourish your body and feed it what it needs to supply the energy needed to perform at the highest level?
  • Input – What do you read? Listen to? Whose opinions do you value?  Are these all moving you forward or holding you back?
  • Rest – do you properly rest and take a break to keep yourself fresh & lively & excited to interact with new customers and agents every day?  Do you take some time off?  Do you spend time with your family/friends giving them your undivided attention that they deserve?
  • Coaching – do you have a coach or mentor or partner or trusted advisor to assist you with new situations, clientele, scenarios?
  • Goals – do you know what you want out of your real estate career?  when you are going to retire? what your dreams and plans are or are you working merely to pay the bills?
  • Win – do you celebrate with your clients, colleagues, family when you close each transaction, get a new listing?
  • Mental Toughness – how much time do you spend on the mental side of your business?  Confidence? Motivation? Concentration? Stress-management? Moving forward after disappointment or set-backs?

When you watch the 2012 Summer Olympics from London this week (July 27 – August 12) remember that you too are an Olympic athlete in the game of real estate!  Revel in the glory, spectacle and achievement and know that you too can achieve Olympic Gold… over & over & over!  Always pursue your excellence in every endeavor!

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