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The Mobile Revolution in Real Estate
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The Mobile Revolution in Real Estate


Do you want more business?  Are you doing the right things to connect to more people?  Do you know who those people are and how to reach them?  You’d better dive into the mobile revolution now!  Your next client has cell phone or iPad in hand, drives by houses for sale and looks on their phone for information about the house… will they find you when searching for information?  Create a mobile marketing strategy to reach more leads and convert them into more clients.

Yelp – Yelp helps people find great local businesses and reaches an average of 71 million consumers each month.  Additionally, Siri on the iPhone4S accesses the Yelp database when asked to find a great “real estate agent” in a certain location.  Go to Yelp.  Create a profile for your real estate services.  Get past & present clients to “rate” you.  The higher the rating, the more likely you will show up in Siri’s search.  (If you don’t know who Siri is, you really need to get more current with mobile technology!) – Millions of consumers access this site.  Go to “Find Realtors” Then put in Atlanta, GA.  Refine your search by typing in your name.  Once you find yourself, click view full profile, in the lower right corner it will ask if this is you.  Log in & complete your profile with your contact information & photo. (Contact for assistance.)

VoicePad – Voicepad’s mobile strategy generates buyer leads from mobile web, text & call capture!  A Buyer drives by a house, calls the voicepad number on the sign rider to get information about the property & you get a text with the Buyer’s cell phone information & what house they like.  They can also text for more information.  Don’t have any listings… no problem!  We have a window-cling sticker (like you get when you change your oil in your car) that you may purchase for 25 cents/sticker & give to your Buyers.  Have them call THAT number instead of the one on the sign rider and YOU get the leads for ALL the houses they see when driving around town.  Go to for more information.  As a Maximum One agent, you pay only $4.95/month.

YouTube – There are over 200 million YouTube views on mobile phones each day… are you there where consumers are searching?  Create your own YouTube Channel for free.  Take videos of your listings (or another agent’s with permission) or a neighborhood.  Talk about the property, the neighborhood, etc while you are filming the house.  Upload to your YouTube Channel.  Put the web address of your YouTube Channel on ALL your marketing (business cards, e-signature, flyers, etc.)

Pinterest – Pinterest is a social photo-sharing site that is now the fastest site to break 10 million unique visitors.  Why aren’t you on Pinterest?  Are you pinning photos of listings that link back to your website?  Over 10 million people is a LOT of potential business!

VisualTour – Easily create fabulous virtual tours through VisualTour.  These tours have voice-overs or music and direct contact information on how the consumer can reach you.  You can publish these tours on YouTube, in your email, through a QR code and in so many more ways!  Go to for more information.  As a Maximum One agent, you pay only $10/month.

Agent Website – This is the foundation of any of your marketing efforts today.  You must have an online presence because that is where every consumer begins their search.  If you have lead generation and lead capture on your site that will increase your business even more!  Additionally, do you have a landing page… a one page enticement to get the public to take action to contact you?  (At Maximum One, we will begin more classes on internet lead generation ncluding the effective use of landing pages!)  This can be a traditional website or a blog or a photo site and whatever you choose (or you may have multiple online presences) keep it current, accurate, relevant  and accessible by smart phone and tablet.  Of your options, consider the free site you have through GaMLS and the corporate relationship we have for discounts through Reflect Resources and eWebengine.

Text Message Marketing Plan – Do you have one?  Many consumers communicate through texting.  Create a few “Quick Texts” that you store in your texting program on your phone.  Then when you get an inquiry about a home for sale, you can respond quickly and efficiently.  Consider creating an initial response & then a couple of follow-ups.

Fun Apps to Share – With more and more people purchasing & using smart phones & iPads & tablets, they are always looking for fun, interesting and useful apps to enhance their experience.  When staying in touch with your past clients and sphere of influence, share the newest apps you have found.  Share the ones I share in this email (& on the Maximum One Blog) every week!  When you do this on a regular basis, your past clients will look forward to hearing from you and you remain at their top-of-mind awareness!

Are you getting your share of clients from the internet?  Do you know from where your business comes?  Focus your online marketing on pictures of homes because THAT is what consumers look for FIRST!!  Consumers also see your name on a sign and “Google” you or look you up on Facebook for more information about you.

Here is a beginning “to do” list to get you started:

  • Google yourself and see what shows up
  • Make sure that your contact information is correct in ALL of your online appearances
  • Create your free YouTube Channel and start videoing some houses for sale
  • Create a Yelp profile and get past clients to rate you
  • Update and utilize your Facebook page
  • Like the “Maximum One Realty” Facebook Page
  • Add Google Analytics to your website to track how well you are doing in your online marketing
  • Create a Facebook Business page for every listing you have
  • Post photos of homes and gardens and neighborhoods on Pinterest
  • Sign up for Voicepad
  • Sign up for VisualTour
  • Create/Update your website and blog
  • Make sure your photo and contact information is correct in the Maximum One Company websites:
  • Advertise your online sites in ALL of your marketing: business cards, email signature, flyers, cross-reference all your sites on each other
  • Create a QR code for your website/blog/landing page/YouTube Channel/VisualTours
Thank you to Max Pigman and his seminar on “Top 10 Technologies & Tools for Real Estate” July 10, 2012 for information on Yelp and and other great information and apps useful for real estate agents!

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