Maximize Your Real Estate Career with Us!

  To navigate your journey through this real estate market, you must begin the way you do any journey! So where do you start? … Start with your vehicle – make sure you have a reliable car with all the parts in tip-top shape; next you’ll need the proper type and amount of fuel to make your trip. Get regular tune-ups to keep everything in working order throughout the trip and finally, don’t forget the map – you need to know where you’re going. With the right vehicle, all the parts tuned up, the fuel topped off and the map towards your destination… let the journey begin!

The Necessary Parts:

  • The Vehicle & its Parts- Your Sales Skills
  • The Fuel – Your Mindset and Sense of Professional Value
  • The Tune-Up – Business Success Systems
  • The Map – Market Cycles and Market Trends

The Vehicle = Sales Skills Powerful & persuasive communication techniques Understanding the sales process Eliciting the client’s motivation criteria for helping them get what they most want The power of asking questions Conversational selling vs. confrontational selling Knowing what to say before you approach a customer Well thought-out and understood presentations explaining the advantages in today’s market

The Fuel = Mindset – “The Inner Game of Real Estate” The value you bring to others through the sales process Seeing through the perception that the media creates Looking for HOW to help people vs. wringing your hands over this market Looking for advantages in real estate sales Being the leader that your clients and prospects need and desire

The Tune-Up = Business/Success Systems Systems to automate your business To avoid having a “roller coaster” business Regular and consistent practice and research and study Effective training and research and education based on the current market cycle where you sell Constant business generation Consistent prospect and client interaction

The Map = Market Cycles To know where your market has been To evaluate where your market is now To determine where your real estate market is going Learning how to read your listing service statistics for trends and predictions Real estate sales follows a cycle based on supply and demand The real estate market predicts itself when you learn and understand how to read those statistics

As a real estate sales agent working in today’s market, you know you need to bridge the gap between where you are, where your clients are and where you want to go. Others will tell you, “Here is where we are. This is a tight market. You need to sell more real estate. You need to prospect more hours. You need to take listings at a lower price. You need to help buyers understand they need to pay more for the home.” The problem is that these other resources do not provide the skills necessary to accomplish these actions. We are on one side of the river and many will tell you that you need to get to the other side. “Great!” you think to yourself, “but how do I get there?!?!”

The way to get there is through the vehicle of skills and having all of those “parts” working together through understanding the sales process. Then it is necessary to have the proper type of fuel and enough fuel to get you there. Have you noticed that the pervasive “negative” fuel will not move your vehicle forward? Have you noticed there are so many abandoned cars on the side of the road because they ran out of gas? The business systems are what keep you moving smoothly and efficiently and consistently. Keeping your car tuned-up will keep you moving forward on cruise control when fueled with the right mindset. Move ahead consistently and point yourself in the right direction, with the requisite map provided by a thorough understanding of market cycles. When you are navigating the course of your real estate sales journey, all of these facets must work in concert.

You can build a business by helping people with their real estate needs AND get the results that you are looking for only when you have the right vehicle that is tuned up and fueled up and headed in the right direction! When leaving one location on your exciting and fulfilling journey, remember that just because you cannot see your eventual destination does not mean that it is not there. Happy trails!

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