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Blueprint Your Success


The term “blueprint” is used to refer to any detailed plan.  An architectural blueprint describes and defines every single aspect of a structure in minute detail from the foundation to the very top.  As a professional real estate agent, you should have a blueprint for your business outlining every aspect of your business from your core foundation to your pinnacle of success!

Your successful real estate business blueprint should include:

  • Business Plan
  • Daily Schedule
  • Accountability
  • Coaches/Mentors/Peer Partners/Masterminds
  • Continuing Education
  • Financial Strategy for Growth
  • Systems for Consistency and Automation
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Role Play and Practice
  • Market Evaluation and Comprehension
  • Mindset and Motivation
  • Confidence and Trust
  • Support and Time Away from your Business

These myriad aspects of your plan deserve your ongoing attention and evaluation on a periodic and consistent basis. Your attitude (in general and daily) towards your business  has an enormous impact on the result you will achieve.  Your mindset and motivation oversee every other piece of your blueprint for success!

Thoughts lead to Feelings which lead to Actions which lead to Results!  It is vital to monitor your thoughts towards every aspect of your real estate transactions and career.  Expose yourself to people, situations, experiences which propel you towards your goals.  Are the people you hang out with supportive of your goals?  Do your friends and family enhance your confidence and self-esteem and help you alleviate your daily stress?  What are the books you are currently reading?  What classes do you take to continue your education?  What type of music do you listen to?  How often do you ask to shadow an agent who is better than you are?  Everything that you expose yourself to affects your thoughts which in turn create the results that you get!

What do you say to yourself?  Affirmations can help direct your mindset towards your goals and plans.  We are always affirming things yet we do not always monitor those affirmations and many times “affirm” things we do NOT want rather than what we DO want!

Do you have a vision board?  Do you journal or brainstorm? What questions do you ask yourself regarding your business?  Are those questions guiding your blueprint towards the structure you wish to create?  “How can I achieve my transaction goals?”  “What will it feel like when I’m debt free?”  “What would I do/say if I KNEW I couldn’t fail?”

Your motivation for working in your chosen field will also color your blueprint for success.  How often do you take a step back and remind yourself of why you sell real estate? Take a few moments and think about why you get up and go to work everyday and if you were not engaged in this fabulous career, what WOULD you be doing for a job?

We spend hours and hours working IN our business, take a few moments and work ON your business to work on the fine and ever-changing details of your blueprint for success! Maximum One Realty has many classes on every aspect of your blueprint.  If we do not offer what you seek, please find a class somewhere or a book or a mentor!  Continue to build your successful real estate business and excel in personal and professional growth!

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