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Happy Mother’s Day

Mothers Day at Maximum One Realty Happy Mother’s Day!

While shopping for cards for my Mom and Mother-in-Law this weekend, it occurred to me how many various roles Mothers play in our lives.  There are thousands of cards expressing sentiments in a way to evoke smiles, laughter, memories and tears.  They reflect the role of Mom as guardian, partner, cheerleader, friend, advisor, role model, teacher, doctor, coach and the list continues.

As a real estate agent, we feel that our role in that position has many titles as well!  We all have had clients where our role in the relationship takes on many varying forms throughout the transaction and after we close the deal.  While we may feel the need to take on these different jobs, remember that for you to excel in your career, you have one primary responsibility… go find people to help with their real estate transactions!

To have a successful and profitable career in real estate, all you have to do is keep it simple!  If you follow the basic three steps to success, a profitable career awaits you!

Job #1: Talk to People Everyday!  There are so many prospects that need your assistance… go find them!  You must have conversations!  The internet is a great tool… emails are a great tool… postcards are a great tool… websites are a great tool…  The key to a thriving career, however, lies in your effective and influential conversations with others! Do you need to learn any scripts?  Objection handlers?  The more powerful your presentations, the more people you can help and the more money you can make!  Watch the training calendar or ask for some assistance!

Job #2: Have a Plan!  Be clear on the plan and standards you set for yourself in terms of your business.  These should be clearly outlined in your business plan.  What price range is the lowest you will work?  What is your standard for referral fees?  What about the cooperation level in terms of communication with your clients… do you discuss with them your expectations of this?  What part of the city will you drive to for Buyers?  Sellers?  Your time and expertise and effort is extremely valuable and worthy of respect.  Set the expectations with your clients regarding how you work, what they can expect from you and what you expect from them prior to engaging in a business relationship.  The more specific your plan and the higher the standards you set for yourself and your clients, the greater return you will have on your investment of your time.

Job #3: Track your Activities & Results!  What you track, you can control and improve!  The number one universal tip in weight loss is to write down everything you eat!  Many report easy weight-loss simply by tracking their food-intake because people don’t realize what they consume.  Many bodybuilders report dramatic gains by tracking their workouts weekly.  One of the main tenets of goal-setting is to write down your goals.  Write down everything you do in your business and you too will experience dramatic results!  You will easily see where you spend your time, what activities are effective in putting you face-to-face with prospects, what conversations turn prospects into clients and what activities turn those clients into commission checks.  Use your business plan and your activities and results tracking to truly get a handle on your business.  Knowing your numbers in your business will increase the numbers in your bank account!

Like the myriad Mother’s Day cards on the shelves, as a real estate agent you feel that your roles are many and varied.  Remember that your main job in your career is to find people to help, help them, make money in the process so you can bless more people with you influence and expertise!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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