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May Day Collage Celebration or Plea for Help?

“May Day” is an ancient Spring festival full of rituals and celebrations!  This public revelry is often depicted by colorful ribbons & streamers being wrapped around a may pole and baskets full of flowers and treats left at another’s doorstop.

“Mayday” is a familiar cry for help!  This internationally recognized distress signal is often repeated three times, “Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!”  so as not to mistake this call for anything other than what it is.  The third May Day connotation refers to the International Worker’s Day which originated as worker’s rights to shorter work days.  So on May 1st,  which May Day was more applicable to your real estate business?

We are well into the 2nd quarter of the year and we will certainly re-visit our business plans at mid-year.  When is the last time you looked at your business plan?

Hopefully you are on track or ahead of your game plan!  You dance around the May Pole of Real Estate and celebrate the listings you have taken and sold, the Buyers whom you have happily placed into new homes, the money you have brought home!

If this year’s May 1st put you into distress and your business is sending out SOS signals, take heed now!  Want to take more listings… consider short sales or bank REO’s.  Want more buyers… expose your services to more people!  Which group of people is larger… the group of folks you know or those you don’t?  Obviously those you don’t!  Consider focusing your efforts this month on moving people from the group you don’t know to the group of those folks you do!  It is much more fun to approach your real estate business as a game!  There are several classes this month at Maximum One (both CE and non-CE) to help you play & win at this game!  People love doing business with people they know rather than with a total stranger.  Take this month to inform people of your services and the many ways you can help them or their acquaintances with their real estate needs!  Next year, we will ALL celebrate May Day as a joyous Spring festival… and work fewer hours as well!  😉

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