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Chick Fil A Cows  If you ask anyone at Chick-fil-A what line of work they are in you would expect them to reply “food service” yet all the employees from the CEO to the person taking your order at the drive-through would tell you, “Customer Service!”  Their company purpose is: “To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us. To have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Chick-fil-A.”  How do you describe your job…. do you sell real estate or are YOU in the business of customer service?  Are you focused on the transaction or on the relationships you build?

Going the “Extra Mile…”  “Whoever forces you to go one mile, go with him two” (Matthew: 5:41.)  The first mile is what you HAVE to do and the second mile is what you GET to do!  That second mile, or extra step, is where referrals are made and relationships are cemented.  Ask yourself, “what would make this the perfect transaction for me? for my client? for the other agent? for the staff at my office? for the attorney?  the lender?  the inspector?”  Consider how smoothly the deal would go if you went that “extra mile” for all of the others involved in the deal?  You would absolutely get referrals from your client and chances are the other professionals involved will reciprocate in the courtesy.  When you strive to make each transaction run as smoothly as possible for ALL involved, you will do more transactions & enjoy each one a little more!
You are in the business of customer service!  What would impress you in a real estate transaction?  Now do that for others!  A little courtesy goes a long way nowadays!  How often do you ask others, “how may I help you?” When someone asks you to do something do you reply, “ok” or “my pleasure” “with delight?”
Here are some steps you can easily take to do more business and make more money and help more people:
  • Answer your phone
  • Promptly answer your email
  • Provide more information than asked for
  • Leave the lockbox code in the private remarks of the listing service so other agents can easily show your listings
  • Promptly update the listing service with the accurate status of your listing
  • Provide a blank GAR form in the online documents of your listings so non-authorized users can write an offer on your listing on that form
  • Provide a list of important dates per the contract to your client and to your co-op agent to share with their client
  • After the sale, send thank you notes to the lender, closing attorney, co-op agent, asset manager, short-sale negotiator
  • Offer to make a VisualTour for your buyer to share online with their friends & family
  • Send a “handyman” to the Buyer’s house two-weeks after closing to fix up any things that need it in their new home
  • On the final walk-through, leave a bucket of toilet paper, paper towels, light bulbs, windex, etc. for the Buyers
  • Complete all your documents immediately and send them in to the office to help out the staff in processing the transaction
  • Make return-address labels for your new Buyers or for the Seller’s new house and give them to them at closing
  • Bring two US Post Office “Change of Address” kits to closing for the Buyer AND Seller (they’ll have a new address also)
  • Bring bottled water, printouts of the houses you are showing, antibacterial gel, a flashlight and snacks with you when showing property
  • Send the Seller an outline of what to expect while their home is for sale
  • Stay in contact with the Seller every week regardless if you have any new news to tell them or not
  • Thank agents for showing your listings
  • Thank agents for making it easy to show their listings
  • Did I mention answer your phone?!?!?!

Leave people feeling better when they leave you than when you first engaged in conversation with them!  You truly are the CEO of your own small business.  Would others want to buy a “franchise” from you?  If not, what could you do to make that so?  Small businesses and entrepreneurs are the backbone of our country.  You create jobs and grow our economy.  As an entrepreneur you have a vital role to play when interacting with others.  Make the most of each and every contact and interaction you have with others involved in your real estate business.  Consider that your customer is not only a buyer or seller but the co-op agent; your staff is not only you but the people at the office who review your contracts, process your commission checks, prepare your closings, process the buyer’s loans, inspect properties, make your yard signs, maximize your web site, etc.  Next time you go to Chick-fil-A pay special attention to how they make you feel when patronizing their business.  Remember that it truly is customer service and courtesy which will compel others to do more business with you!

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