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Picture This

Unless you are a professional artist or the paparazzi, how can you profit from a picture? Remember that “a picture is worth a thousand words!” The wisdom of this ancient Chinese proverb has significant ramifications on many levels, all of which will enhance your productivity business and make you more money in your real estate career. I will simply address two areas: the external and the internal use of pictures.

 As you engage your real estate business as a business, you obviously track many numbers, your own efficiency numbers as well as the many market statistics for the area in which you sell real estate. One of the business systems you should follow is the recurring collection of this data and then its analysis. (Wow! We all probably should have paid more attention in math class, right?!)

As a professional real estate agent, you track many facets of the market: sale prices, number of sales, days on the market, active listings, pending listings, sold listings, failed listings, market velocity, market trends and on and on! These calculations and the trends they show are key to your real estate success when working with sellers and buyers. When you are on an appointment with a potential client, you already know the importance of conveying this information in a meaningful way. You must get the client’s attention and agreement in order to properly price and position a listing to sell or craft a great offer for the purchase of a house so that you can get paid! Therefore, simplify your presentation and make sense of these statistics by putting them in charts and graphs… in other words, in pictures! These pictures will not only be worth a thousand words they will also be worth a thousand mathematical equations!

There is yet another way to use pictures to make your real estate business more lucrative. These are the images you create in your mind as you approach anything and everything you do within your daily activities. Your “treasure map” or “vision board” is a physical representation in pictures of your future. Assist the realization of your goals by visualizing the outcomes of your activities in your imagination!

For example, when preparing for a listing appointment, it is vital that you illustrate in your mind the seller saying “yes” to give yourself the best chance of getting a signed contract! When telephone prospecting, picture someone answering the phone and inviting you over for an appointment, see your sellers agreeing to price reductions, see your buyers writing a contract on the home of their dreams, see your co-op agents returning your accepted counter-offer! Visualize your foreclosure and short-sale deals being approved quicker!  When your brain is filled with images and thoughts of positive outcomes related to your business, you will approach your transactions more positively and others involved in the transaction will respond to your energy!  It is always more pleasant doing business with and negotiating through issues when it is a less contentious situation!  Contact Dana for more information on how to specifically visualize other aspects of your real estate sales business in a way to bring you more money in less time.

There is scientific evidence that the images we visualize in our minds have physical manifestations in our bodies. You have specific experience with this yourself! Has there ever been a time when you imagined a lemon? A big, bright, plump, ripe lemon… Imagine rolling it between your palms to really loosen up all the juices, then you slowly cut into the lemon. The tangy juice drips down your hands and onto the counter. You pick up half of this plump lemon in order to bite into it. As you slowly bring it close to your mouth, your eyes squint and the insides of your mouth pucker as you anticipate the pungent, sour taste of the juice!…. Just reading that description physically makes you pucker and salivate! Now picture a pickle! (wink! wink!)

The more vivid your images, the more money you will make! The mindset you possess in approaching your real estate career will definitely influence the outcome you receive from your activities. In this aspect, perhaps a picture is worth a thousand dollars (or more!)

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