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Happy Passover & Easter

 Easter Passover

During these Holidays we reflect on our history, our past, those who came before us and those who have paved the way for our own journeys!   What is it that led you to where you currently are?  Think of all the people and situations in your life who have encouraged and inspired you to go into business for yourself!  What are the alternatives to you for practicing real estate?  It is vital to be grateful to those who support us now or in the past who have led us to where we are now.  Thank the loved ones in your life who support your entrepreneurial endeavor; thank whomever inspired you to get into real estate; appreciate the teachers, mentors and coaches who have helped you create a thriving and successful business out of an idea & enthusiasm!

As you relish your career, take some time to reflect on all that you achieve, the people you help, the knowledge you possess, the skills you have, the flexibility of time you control!  If you are not enjoying your business as much as you feel you should, what else would you be doing if not real estate?  What would that do to your control over your time & schedule?  Would you rather HAVE a boss or BE your own boss?  What other profession allows you to make as much money as you want AND have total flexibility and freedom to be the CEO of your own company right off the bat?  Consider what led you to real estate as a career initially?  Think of how excited you were embarking on a new career… a new profession!!

When you sell a house, you truly are doing a noble thing!  You are creating or perpetuating many jobs!  Think of all the people involved in getting that transaction closed: the lender, underwriter, processor, closing attorney, pre-closer, personell at both real estate companies who process the paperwork and checks from your transactions, inspector, the seller’s lender who closes out their loan, two sets of movers, the office-staff at the moving companies, the people working at the utility companies who take the utilities out of one person’s name and put them into another person’s name, etc!  You are also a potential match-maker!  How many people do you know that are married to their childhood or high school sweetheart?  They would not have met their spouse if you did not help their parents select and close on a home in that particular neighborhood!

By engaging in this exciting and wonderful career, you truly touch many people’s lives in a meaningful way!  So reflect on your past and how a real estate agent has touched your life… how you came to live in the various homes throughout your life, what or who influenced you to choose real estate as a profession, and what important work you do in your field!  These thoughts become feelings & actions which will spur you to more activity, more closings and more commission checks!  You get out of it what you put into it!  Take advantage of people around you and the training and mentoring that Maximum One offers so that you can be in a position to positively influence others in so many ways!

Easter Peeps

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